Lobster Pot or Smelting Pot?

Many of my favorite childhood memories were captured across the street from where I grew up. One such memory took place on a lazy day with the smell of the sea air on the soft summer breeze. I remember watching in amazement as my friend’s dad placed the largest pot I had ever seen upon […]

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Consider it Pure Joy

Pure Joy! This usually is not our first reaction when we face trials of various kinds. Yet, that is exactly what James, the brother of Jesus, is encouraging us to experience in the midst of trials and temptations. To be able to achieve this joy, we need to have the right perspective anytime a trial […]

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Welcome to my new blog at Sunflower Press. I have set up different categories to help those who are busy find the type of articles and devotions they are looking for quickly.   Seeds to Grow By are general blogs written for everyone.   Seeds to Disciple By are blogs written for the person who […]

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