Clothed in Righteousness

Clothed in Righteousness
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Clothed in Righteousness is a unique book that weaves together the importance of understanding your identity in Christ along with a balanced biblical view of how Satan operates. You will not only discover why you were given life, but also how to become all that God created you to be in spite of the difficulties and trials in life.

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About the Book

230 pages, paperback

Have you ever wondered why people make such wrong choices for their lives? Have you, yourself, ever struggled with making decisions based upon your feelings and emotions? Do you desire to make wiser choices?

Clothed in Righteousness is a unique book that weaves together the importance of understanding your identity in Christ along with a balanced biblical view of how Satan operates. Based on Ezekiel 16:4-14 and Ephesians 6:10-18, each chapter is written in the form of a letter from one commissioned by the King of kings to help you stand firm and be victorious in spite of Lucifer’s tactics.

If you have ever struggled with knowing who you are, or you desire to find true peace and contentment, or you want to stop making decisions based on feelings and emotions, read this book. The King of kings not only wants you to discover the truth of who you are and why He gave you life but also understand the spiritual warfare surrounding you so you can become all that He created you to be.

“Clothed in righteousness is a well written, wonderful journey through God’s spiritual truths presented in a straight forward, easy to relate to and understandable way. Cherie Fresonke has ministered to women for years and the way she relies on the Bible to help the hurting shows through in every chapter of the book. Recommended for anyone who ever struggles with or doubts the depth of God’s love for His children.”

Janice Cantore, Author of The Pacific Coast Justice Series

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By Way of Invitation    

  1. Clothed in Love: You Are Loved       
  2. Woven Together: You Are Not a Mistake  
  3. Wrapped in the Cord of Sin: You Are Free to Choose
  4. Clothed in Garments of Salvation: You Are Saved       
  5. Clothed in Fine Linen: You Are the Bride of Christ     
  6. Clothed in Wisdom: You Are Able to Walk in Wisdom         
  7. Clothed with Power: You Are Empowered by the Holy Spirit      
  8. Girded with the Belt of Truth: You Are Able to Stand Firm  
  9. Wearing the Most Beautiful of Jewels: You Are Forgiven     
  10. Adorned in the Breastplate of Righteousness: You Are Free from Condemnation    
  11. Covered by the King’s Garment: You Are Redeemed         
  12. Free from Filthy Rags: You Are Washed Clean         
  13. Adorned in the Leather Sandals of Peace: You Are at Peace with God          
  14. Wearing Costly Garments: You Are Set Free   
  15. Equipped with the Shield of Faith: You Are Protected by the King     
  16. Crowned with the Helmet of Victory: You Are Crowned in Victory    
  17. Crowned in Holiness: You Are Set Apart 
  18. Adorned with Gold and Silver: You Are Refined by the Fire        
  19. Equipped with the Sword of the Spirit: You Are Able to Fight the Good Fight          
  20. Clothed in Unfading Beauty: You Are a Partaker of His Divine Nature          
  21. Clothed in Prayer: You Are Able to Approach the King    
  22. Perfect Beauty: You Are Chosen to Bear Fruit        

Clothed in Righteousness Is a Great Topic for a Women’s Retreat

Women’s retreat or seminar focusing on our identity in Christ. This retreat teaches the woman how to make decisions based upon who she is in Christ and not based on feelings. Feelings are fickle and they will lead a person astray. This message was given at Life and Light Christian Fellowship Women’s Retreat.

Theme verse: Ephesians 4:24


A woman walking away down the road

Take a Peek at the Introduction of Clothed in Righteousness

Have you ever had a friend or relative who was walking down a path to destruction? Have you ever wondered why people make such wrong choices for their lives? These were just a few of the frustrating emotions I had as I was being jostled amongst the crowd on my way to an outdoor café to meet a young woman I had never met before. She’s walking down a path to destruction. Why is she making such wrong choices?

The day before, the woman’s aunt, in desperation, had come to see me. She told me that she was worried her niece was about to make the most devastating decision in her life. The young woman was considering leaving the country with a man she had just met. Given the nature of the region in which we were living, there was a high probability that if she left with this stranger, she would more than likely end up a victim of human trafficking.

As I pondered why I had offered this desperate aunt the invitation to have her niece speak to the “American woman” about her situation, my question to God was, “Lord, what could I possibly say to make a difference?”

It was then that I felt His still small voice impress these words on my heart: Speak to her fear.

When I arrived at the café and saw the young woman, my heart broke. She was so beautiful, and yet the emptiness she was feeling was causing her to make such poor choices. As her aunt began to share about the situation, God’s whispered reminder—speak to her fear—emboldened me to ask, “Aren’t you afraid you will be forced into prostitution and end up in a foreign country?”

The woman’s aunt had asked her niece this same question just the day before. I remembered what the aunt had said was her niece’s bold reply: “I would rather be a prostitute in a foreign country then live in the hopelessness this country has to offer.” I was expecting the same answer this time. Instead, she offered a single whispered syllable: “Yes!”

It was then that this woman’s aunt and I were able to help her realize that she needed to make wiser choices. Although it was a difficult process, she was ultimately able to break free from the clutches of this man who had so quickly entangled himself into her life.

When I walked away from the café that day, my heart was torn in two. I felt blessed that this young woman had chosen to break off the relationship, while at the same time I was broken to see how hopeless she felt. She was looking for love and acceptance in all the wrong places. She had bought into the lie that true fulfillment and contentment can be found just around the corner. She didn’t understand the truth of who God was and the depths to which He loved her. She didn’t realize that He desired her to come to Him, accept Him and learn from Him so she could walk in victory.


One of the actual streets I walked down that day

As I walked down those uneven cobblestone streets, God began to put this book on my heart. I rushed home and began to write. I knew that this young woman, and so many others like her, needed to know the truth about their identity in Christ. They needed to know that there is a battle—a spiritual battle—taking place all around them because of who God has called them to be. They needed to recognize the value of their lives so they could receive what God had created them to obtain.

Perhaps you have never found yourself in the same type of situation as this young woman. But have you ever looked for love in the wrong places? Have you ever run after one thing or another in an attempt to find true contentment and fulfillment? Have you ever felt as if you would never measure up? Have you ever thought that there is something missing that you can’t quite grasp? Have you ever felt empty or hopeless?

I have been discipling brokenhearted people since 1993 in both the United States and Eastern Europe. During the many years that God has used me in ministry, I have discovered two important aspects of the Christian life that we often don’t fully understand or apply to our lives. The first is that we have been given a new identity in Christ that has the power to set us free from the bondage of sin. The second is that we have an enemy of our souls who desires to destroy us. If we don’t have a balanced, biblical understanding of who he is and how he operates, we will never walk in victory. When we understand these two aspects and apply the truth that God reveals to us about them, we can begin to live up to our true calling.*

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* From Clothed in Righteousness. Copyright © 2012 Cherie Fresonke. All rights reserved. 

Paperback • 230 pages • Sunflower Press • October 2012 • ISBN 978-0983167877

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