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Your Worth–57 Amazing True Statements About You!

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Your Worth by Cherie Fresonke

Do You Need Encouragement?

Do you need encouragement to walk victoriously through the minefield of life and be filled with joy in the midst of battle? Then look no further. Your Worth–57 Amazing True Statements About You holds the key to freedom.

Many of the battlefields of life come from our own thought life. Think about it. Have you ever struggled with the “self-esteem” yo-yo, feeling up one day, down the next? Are you searching for a more solid foundation?

If so, it’s important to learn the true meaning of selfesteem. Because self-esteem can become an explosive minefield in our walk with Christ. Let me explain.

Esteem means to hold in high regards. Self-esteem then means to hold yourself in high regards. This is just a politically correct word for pride. And God’s Word says that pride goes before destruction.

In view of this truth, forget self-esteem and, instead, embrace your true identity in Christ. By doing so you will be filled with encouragement.

As you move the truth of who you are in Christ from your head to your heart, you will become all that God created you to be. You will become strong in the Lord. And you will find victory in your true worth—a worth that is unfading. There will be no more ups and downs—no more yo-yos—because it’s all about the freedom found in Christ’s righteousness and not your own.

What Others Are Saying About the Free E-Book–Your Worth

It is so refreshing to be reminded who we are in Christ! These eternal truths bring encouragement, hope and joy to our heart, inspiring us to shift our focus away from life’s storms and to turn our eyes to Jesus.

–Marina, Bulgaria

Enjoy the free e-book! And feel free to share this blog post or the link for the free e-book with whomever you wish to bless!

In His service, Cherie

P.S. If after reading the free e-book–Your Worth–and you want to go deeper with this topic check out my book Clothed in Righteousness


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