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Bulgaria Fall 2013

The sites of Bulgaria October to December 2013. Sorry we don’t have more time to write more. We head back to the States tomorrow. A village near the center of Bulgaria. We so love it there! Keith, Justin our son-in-law, Lindsey our daughter, and Janice her mother-in-law enjoying a duner (gyro) at an outdoor stand. […]

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Go in Peace Weekend Meal Planning

  Super Simple Spaghetti and Meatballs with Sautéed Veggies Side Dish Recipe is for 10 servings Are you preparing for a Go in Peace Weekend, small retreat or simply looking for a quick and easy Spaghetti and Meatballs recipe? Well this blog is for you. It includes the Super Simple Spaghetti and Meatballs recipe along […]

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How to Disciple the Hurting—Part 4—Trust

  As you walk in your calling to disciple the hurting there will be times when you’ll wonder: Is it all for naught? Perhaps the ministry that you envisioned is not turning out how you dreamed. Or the work is slower than you expected. Or the people you are pouring yourself into are making foolish […]

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This or That? What is God’s Will?

I must admit that since coming home from Bulgaria a couple of weeks ago I was feeling a bit blue. I know in my walk with the Lord that usually I feel a bit blue if I am out of His perfect will in some manner. As I was praying and seeking God as to […]

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Go in Peace Discipleship Training for Leaders

  Do you have a heart for discipleship? Do you know someone who is hurting or struggling? Do you desire to help, but don’t know how? Then come to our Go in Peace Leadership Training to learn tangible ways to bring hope to the hurting. Whether you’ve discipled for years or have no prior training […]

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Thanks for Your Prayers

We are down to our last day here in Sofia. Although much of our trip was business related—meeting with our attorney, accountant and our staff—all of this is needed for the ministry to continue here in Bulgaria. But this business type work causes there to be not much to write home about. The highlights of […]

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The Unfulfilled Dream

Little Castle   Have you ever had a dream, a dream that you believed was from God, but that dream was never fulfilled? Did it break your heart? Worst yet, did that unfulfilled dream cause you to wonder if you even hear God clearly?   Some of you may have remembered about ten years ago […]

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Bulgaria Update

  We arrived safe and sound late Friday evening. The next morning we were off to the middle of Bulgaria, with most of our staff, to visit some friends who recently purchased a small hotel. Our plan was two fold–to have a staff retreat/meeting and to check out the hotel to see if it might […]

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Bulgaria, Here We Come!

  Well, we are off to Bulgaria today—the land that we love. (I am sure that my family in Arizona loves for us to depart because they always come stay at our house—for them the house near the beach. The sad part in this is we never get to visit with them.)   We will […]

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How to Disciple the Hurting—Part 3—Obey

Although the waiting period can seem never ending, perhaps the most difficult principal to abide by in this call to disciple the hurting is to obey. As a matter of fact, this is the principal that many fall short of, and as a result, their ministry never gets off the ground or it simply comes […]

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