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    Do you want your life to have purpose and meaning? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Revealing, restoring, remolding the heart through truth that leads to hope is my life’s calling. You will find among the pages of this site the love that you desire and the answers that you seek. So open your heart and your mind as you take a few moments to browse around. Always remember, the Lord loves you more than you know! Enjoy!

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    The reason I write is simple. My life was so messed up and totally out of control. Then God reached down, touched my heart and set me free! He wants to do the same for you!

    That’s why He called me to share His simple truth with you in tangible, life-changing ways through various books and blog posts.

Condemnation - How to Help a Person Be Set Free

Episode 1.3 — Condemnation-How to Help a Person Be Set Free

Have you ever wondered why people continue to condemn themselves instead of accepting Christ’s forgiveness? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Condemnation is the topic of today’s discussion along with the story of the Sinful Woman. If you want to pre-read the curriculum see Session 1, Page 5, Heading The Sinful Woman. If you […]

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It's Your Turn to Give Your Testimony

Episode SE1 — It’s Your Turn to Give Your Testimony

Have you been asked to give your testimony? Are you ready? Or scared to death? Or perhaps you are struggling with a little bit of both? We know what you are feeling, because we’ve been there ourselves. Therefore, listen in for a few good tips on how to prepare your notes, and how to give […]

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How to See God Work in a Tangible Way

Episode 1.2 — See God Work in a Tangible Way

Do you want to see God work in the lives of those you disciple? That’s the topic of today’s podcast. We will discuss how to help a person come up with a list of spiritual hopes and goals, and how to use this list in a way that will help the person see God work […]

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Episode 1.1 Podcast

Episode 1.1 Two Tools to Help You Disciple

Do you have a heart to minister to the brokenhearted? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we kick off our new podcast series, as well as, our Go in Peace Leaders Facebook Group. Two great new tools to help you disciple. Our goal for the podcast series is to help equip you […]

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New Thing

Behold, I Am Doing a New Thing

  Relationships God’s Means of Ministry in our Lives   Family Relationships The Greatest Potential to Watch God Work   Especially among our grandchildren. How do you stay connected with loved ones, especially when lands or seas divides the hearts? How do you build memories that last? And could God be calling you to make […]

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I Love Teaching, Thank You

I Love Teaching, Thank You

Thank you! by Cherie Fresonke, @cheriefresonke While in the States this last month, I’ve had the awesome opportunity to teach two women’s retreats. One for Calvary Chapel Temecula Valley and the other for Orchard Christian Fellowship. Teaching in the States reminded me just how much I love to teach. So I want to take a moment […]

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Teen Week

Missionary Life

Ministry leaders, what is the busiest time of year for you? What do you do to get refreshed and refilled?   Summer time is the busiest time of year in our everyday missionary life. So although I’m currently working on a lot of great content for blog posts, none of them are ready to post. […]

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How did you make the meatballs?

American Hamburgers Patties for Good Old Fashioned Burgers

Recipe makes about 10 hamburger patties by Cherie Fresonke, @cheriefresonke With summer time upon us and living in a foreign land we often barbecue American Hamburgers at summer events and teen hangouts. For this reason, I’m constantly asked, “How did you prepare ‘the meatball’?” Which, in Bulgaria, is in reference to the hamburger patty. So […]

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Who to disciple?

Who to Disciple? And How to Begin?

Three simple steps to discover who to disciple By Cherie Fresonke, @cheriefresonke Do you have a heart to minister to the hurting, but aren’t sure where to begin? Do you wonder, who to disciple? Or perhaps, you are like many I work with who are a bit afraid to ask a person if they want […]

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Themed Retreat Notebooks

Retreat Themed Notebooks–Handmade–Simple to Do

Handmade Fabric Notebooks Are Easier Than You Think     by Cherie Fresonke, @cheriefresonke Do you want to know how to make cute notebooks for retreat that match your theme? One of my favorite things to do when planning a retreat is to make sure that every gift we give the women matches the theme. […]

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