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Does it drive you crazy when someone isn’t honest with himself?

Do you know someone like that? You know, that difficult person who isn’t willing to look at his life truthfully. How do you help a person be honest with himself? What can you do to make a difference? Well, in this podcast we’re going to continue our discussion about Simon in the story of the Sinful Woman to see what we can learn. (If you haven’t listened to Episode 2.1 you might want to begin there.) Remember, Simon didn’t think he needed help, but Jesus knew otherwise.

Before we get started, if you want to follow along in the curriculum pre-read session 2, page 11-15, heading Do Not Be Deceived. (This step isn’t a must. You’ll still benefit by listening even if you don’t have time to pre-read the session.) Also, pay close attention to Psalm 38:4-10 in the portion of reading. Then listen to the podcast. I’m sure even if you’ve been discipling with the Go in Peace Biblical Discipleship Curriculum for years you’ll discover a few golden nuggets to add to your discipleship tool box. Enjoy.

And please ignore the bell chimes in the background. That’s my German Shepherd, Tucker, requesting to come in the house. It works much better than scratching on the door. Best trick I ever taught him. LOL.



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In Closing

We hope you enjoyed our discussion about the issue of how to help a person be honest with himself. We look forward to hearing from you. Feel free to leave a comment or even share this podcast with a friend.


May God richly bless you as you step our and serve Him.



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