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Go in Peace Discipleship Training for Leaders

  Do you have a heart for discipleship? Do you know someone who is hurting or struggling? Do you desire to help, but don’t know how? Then come to our Go in Peace Leadership Training to learn tangible ways to bring hope to the hurting. Whether you’ve discipled for years or have no prior training […]

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How to Disciple the Hurting—Part 3—Obey

Although the waiting period can seem never ending, perhaps the most difficult principal to abide by in this call to disciple the hurting is to obey. As a matter of fact, this is the principal that many fall short of, and as a result, their ministry never gets off the ground or it simply comes […]

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How to Disciple the Hurting—Part 2—Pray

  Following the initial call to disciple, oftentimes, there is a time of waiting—a time that can be frustrating, or a time that can be filled with promise depending upon our focus. We live in a fast pace world and we want everything yesterday. I remember, back in 1990, when God first called me to […]

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How to Disciple the Hurting—Part 1—Called

Do you have a heart for discipleship? Do you desire to help those who are hurting but don’t know how?   Well, it sounds as if we are kindred-spirits. For years whenever I saw brokenhearted and struggling people my heart would break. I would cry out to God and ask Him for answers in how […]

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