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The Unfulfilled Dream

Little Castle   Have you ever had a dream, a dream that you believed was from God, but that dream was never fulfilled? Did it break your heart? Worst yet, did that unfulfilled dream cause you to wonder if you even hear God clearly?   Some of you may have remembered about ten years ago […]

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God’s Perfect Will

As the New Year approaches it causes me to pause and consider what the Lord has in store for the year 2013. My will, and truly my heart’s cry, is to be in God’s perfect will. As I was pondering just that thought a portion of a verse, from my life’s verses, jumped out at […]

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The Glory of the Lord Revealed

Have you ever been in a spiritual slump? A time when you go to church, read the Word and even take time to pray, yet you don’t feel the Lord’s presence? Do you wonder what’s going on? Do you wonder: Where is God? Do you get discourage and start thinking about sleeping in on Sunday […]

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