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The Fat and the Lean (Weekly Devotions--7 of 52)

The Fat and the Lean (Weekly Devotions–7 of 52)

Photo taken by Cherie When you see someone in need does it move you to compassion? Does it break your heart? Do you want to reach out and help? Or do you simply turn away and go on with your life? As a missionary I have seen things and been places that touched me to […]

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Put into Practice (Weekly Devotions--6 of 52)

Put into Practice (Weekly Devotions–6 of 52)

Photo taken by Cherie Do you know someone who expresses devotion to the Lord on Sunday, yet lives life for his or her own desires on Monday? Does it break your heart to see the hypocrisy? I know my heart was recently broken when I watch a person say one thing, while doing another. Well, […]

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Which Do You Believe? (Weekly Devotions--5 of 52)

Which Do You Believe? (Weekly Devotions–5 of 52)

Photo taken by Cherie Do you believe the statement, “Once saved; always saved” or do you think that a person could lose their salvation? It’s a conversation that we have had in our household for quiet a few years, yet it’s hard to come to a conclusive conclusion. We know the verse (and even others […]

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Life’s Not Fair! (Weekly Devotions--4 of 52)

Life’s Not Fair! (Weekly Devotions–4 of 52)

 Photo taken by Cherie How many times have you heard someone state the question: Well, if God were a God of love how come there is so much hurt and pain in the world? When somebody makes this comment, what he or she is truly saying is that God is not a just God. However, […]

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