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How to See God Work in a Tangible Way

Episode 1.2 — See God Work in a Tangible Way

Do you want to see God work in the lives of those you disciple? That’s the topic of today’s podcast. We will discuss how to help a person come up with a list of spiritual hopes and goals, and how to use this list in a way that will help the person see God work […]

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Little Castle

The Unfulfilled Dream

Little Castle   Have you ever had a dream, a dream that you believed was from God, but that dream was never fulfilled? Did it break your heart? Worst yet, did that unfulfilled dream cause you to wonder if you even hear God clearly?   Some of you may have remembered about ten years ago […]

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how to disciple

How to Disciple the Hurting—Part 2—Pray

  Following the initial call to disciple, oftentimes, there is a time of waiting—a time that can be frustrating, or a time that can be filled with promise depending upon our focus. We live in a fast pace world and we want everything yesterday. I remember, back in 1990, when God first called me to […]

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