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Look at the joy on his face! Just 4 hours from seeing Jesus face to face!

Everyday Ordained

Last Sunday began like any other Sunday, off to church early and a visit with Keith’s dad. Little did we know just how special that day would turn out to be in our hearts. We gave Keith’s dad a new Bible, which was a New Living Translation for easier understanding and larger print. At some […]

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Photo by Keith

The Glory of the Lord Revealed

Have you ever been in a spiritual slump? A time when you go to church, read the Word and even take time to pray, yet you don’t feel the Lord’s presence? Do you wonder what’s going on? Do you wonder: Where is God? Do you get discourage and start thinking about sleeping in on Sunday […]

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Sunrise Reflection

Reflect His Glory

  Have you ever stood in awe of God as you watched the beauty and grander of a sunrise? Can you just feel His presence in the glory displayed? Well, that’s exactly what happened the other morning. I was blessed to be at the mission’s conference at Murrieta Hot Springs. I so desired to meet […]

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