Wow, how time flies when you are busy! And that is exactly what has happen with our time here in Bulgaria–it’s been flying by. We’ve been to Gabrovo and shared at the young adult meeting, we’ve held our 11th annual women’s retreat, we’ve attended the weekly Bible studies with the ladies that Cherie started in the year 2000, we’ve fellowshipped with friends, we’ve legally started a business and perhaps the best is great divine appointments God has brought our way! Below are a few photos from our time here. Thanks for being a part of this important work through your support and prayers. Feel free to leave a comment. We are still enjoying our grand adventure, Keith and Cherie

Teteven, Bulgaria

Cherie Teaching in Gabrovo, Bennie Translating

Keith at the property we are praying about buying, pointing out Shipka to Matt


Women’s Retreat

Sunrise in Sofia

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