Episode 1.3 — Condemnation-How to Help a Person Be Set Free
Cherie Fresonke
April 11, 2019

Episode 1.3 — Condemnation-How to Help a Person Be Set Free

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Have you ever wondered why people continue to condemn themselves instead of accepting Christ’s forgiveness?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Condemnation is the topic of today’s discussion along with the story of the Sinful Woman.

If you want to pre-read the curriculum see Session 1, Page 5, Heading The Sinful Woman. If you don’t have the curriculum, no worries, you will still benefit by listening in.



If you would like to join a group of Go in Peace Leaders for encouragement, support and prayer click here. It’s a great tool to help you disciple the hurting.

If you would like to learn more about Matt Laster and his work in Bulgaria click here.

If you would like to purchase the Go in Peace Biblical Discipleship Curriculum Leader’s Manual in either the women’s edition or the men’s edition see the buttons below. The only difference between the two manuals is the cover.


The Go in Peace Leader’s Manual for Women


The Go in Peace Leader’s Manual for Men


We hope you enjoyed our discussion about the Sinful Woman and condemnation. Feel free to share this podcast with your friends. If you have any questions or comments we look forward to hearing from you. May God richly bless you as you step our and serve Him.


Cherie Fresonke

Cherie Fresonke


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