Sprinkle Clean Water (Weekly Devotions 9 of 52)
Cherie Fresonke
December 9, 2011

Sprinkle Clean Water (Weekly Devotions 9 of 52)

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Our Staff at the Truth and Hope Foundation

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Don’t you hate it when you blow it? In the last blog for our year-long adventure taken from my daily devotions we talked about how our sin separates us from God. Well, recently I recognized that the sin in my own heart (the sin of not doing what God was calling me to do) not only separates me from God, but it was also separating me from a friend as well. Actually I’ve understood that concept for many years, but I think I was choosing not to admit that truth to myself because there was a hard issue that God was calling me to address.

As a boss, God was calling me to have a hard talk with someone and possibly cut back some hours; but as a friend I didn’t want to do it. I know the difficult time everyone in Bulgaria is having, while many in America are having just as difficult of a time. Yet, as the director of the Truth and Hope Foundation I need to be a good steward of what God has provided. Therefore, I need to make business decisions based upon facts and I need to put aside my feelings and my desires to do what needs to be done. Yet, I blew it! For months I avoided the inevitable and I realize that my being disobedient to what God was calling me to do not only put a wall between God and myself, but I built a wall within my own heart between my friendship. I could tell, at times that within my heart, I was avoiding my friend (just in my heart—I don’t think anyone watching could tell), not because of her or anything she had done, but because of me because I wasn’t having the talk that so needed to be had.

Yet God is so good and so faithful. And when we are willing to admit the truth to ourselves He will refresh and embolden us with His Word. As I was getting ready for both my next blog post and the difficult conversation that must be had, Ezekiel 36:25 jumped off the page.

I will sprinkle clean water on you, and you will be clean; I will cleanse you from all your impurities and from all your idols.

God used this verse to not only remind me that the moment I choose to repent of my sin and get right with Him, He sprinkles His clean water on me and cleanses me from my sin. But, not only that, He helped to embolden me to be faithful to that which He was calling me to do. I know I need to walk the walk that He has for me, which at times, includes calling me to do things which I would rather not do. But I also know that God has a far greater plan then I can see. He knows exactly how He is going to provide for both the foundation and for my friend/staff member. And I know that His ways aren’t always our ways.

So, I was obedient to the Lord and I did that which He was calling me to do. And from the moment I decided that morning to be bold and to do that which He was calling me to do I could feel His peace in my heart as He washed me clean. So if you think of our staff member, could you lift her up in prayer? Unless things change we will be cutting her hours in March. Please pray for either provision or for God to open the door for additional work elsewhere. In fact, can we pray that IF He provides a different job for her that it would be at a higher wage so that her social security pension (which is just a couple years away) would be higher! (Things work a bit differently in Bulgaria and pension is determined on the last 3 years of work.) So let’s pray for God’s perfect will and if that includes a great, higher paying job we are open to that.

Is there something that God has been calling you to do which you have been trying to avoid? Has that avoidance impacted your relationships with others? I’m looking forward to your comments!


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Cherie Fresonke

Cherie Fresonke


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