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Teens in Crisis Flyer

Teens in Crisis Flyer

Do you know a teen struggling with depression? Anxiety? Rage? Drugs and/or alcohol? Suicidal thoughts? Do you, or any of the leaders at your church, desire to help but feel ill-equipped to really make a difference?

Well mark your calendars!

April 5th Cherie will be teaching at Calvary Chapel of the Harbour a Go in Peace for Teens Leadership Training titled: TEENS IN CRISIS! This training will teach leaders how to minister to hurting teens based upon the book Go in Peace for Teens that the Lord had her write. This one-of-a-kind book is:

  • Attention grabbing! It grabs the teens’ attention and pinpoints their need for help.
  • Compassionate! It offers God’s healing touch to all who are struggling no matter what the issue may be.
  • Effective! It identifies the hurts that are driving the self-destructive behaviors.
  • Practical! It equips teens to walk worthy of their calling.
  • Biblical! One hundred percent based upon the Word of God.
  • Easy to use! Whether you’ve discipled for years or have no prior training in how to minister to hurting teens this seminar holds the answers.

Depression, anxiety, outburst of anger are just a few of the consequences teens are struggling with today. The Go in Peace for Teens book is based upon the story of the Sinful Woman in Luke chapter 7. And in this Leadership Training Cherie will teach you how to use this book to help set the captives free. Soon the teens that you minister to will discover their fear replaced with strength, depression with joy, anxiety with faith, and rage with rest. Best yet, they will discover what it means to go in peace!

Here are a few words that some have penned after going through the seminar:  “Easy to understand and apply!” “Awesome resource!” “Great discipleship tool!” Highly recommended!”

For more information click here. If you desire to attend simply click on the link below for the registration form, print it out, fill out the information requested and mail it to the address provided. Please register by March 30th so that we can have a full lunch count.

Teen in Crisis Registration Form

We hope to see you there! Feel free to email Cherie with any questions you may have by clicking here.

God bless!

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