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Sing to the Lord with Thanksgiving. — Psalm 147:7

Hi everyone,

Thanks for your prayers! Sorry we are a little slow posting updates about our trip but we have been having problems with our internet and electricity. Thanksgiving was great although we miss our family and friends in the States.


Our two little turkeys were a bit pitiful looking but they turned out delicious despite the electricity going off and on while cooking them. This caused our dinner to be an hour and a half late. (The oven is electric.) But we were truly blessed because we had water! The day before our water was off for the whole day!

Here’s Lindsey, in the dark, just before our guests were due to arrive. We had twelve guests. One of the families that came said that it was their 10th Thanksgiving with us–I wish Keith could have been here. (I think we have only missed one Thanksgiving here in Bulgaria since they year 2000.

We were a little stuffed in our small apartment, but the more the merrier. We had tables and people everywhere. But it was fun. At one point Jessica was on Skype with baby Levi and everyone got to see what he looks like.

If you click on the photo you can see all our Bulgarian friends down in the lefthand corner of the screen looking at Levi. I wish we would have thought to ask Keith to get on Skype around the same time so that everyone could have said hi. I know how much he wanted to be here!

We are blessed to have so many good friends in Bulgaria who have helped us over the years with our ministry work. We know that there are rewards in heaven awaiting each of you! You are just a few of the many things I am thankful for this year.

Keep a watch on our blog posts. I will try to post about our annual Woman’s Christmas fellowship in the next day or two. God bless, Cherie

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