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You can be a part of my new book. Vote on the possible back cover text for–Clothed in Righteousness. Does the text below encourage you to want to purchase and buy the book? Please leave your comment below. Thanks for the help!

Have you ever wondered why people make such wrong choices for their lives? Have you, yourself, ever struggled with making decisions based upon your feelings and emotions? Do you desire to make wiser choices? Have you ever wondered why you were given life in the first place?

Clothed in Righteousness is a unique book that weaves together the importance of understanding your identity in Christ along with a balanced biblical view of how Satan operates. Based on Ezekiel 16:4-14 and Ephesians 6:10-18, each chapter is written in the form of a letter from one commissioned by the King of kings to help you learn the truth about God the Father (the King); His Son, Jesus (the Prince of Peace); the Holy Spirit (the Royal Counselor); and Lucifer (the archenemy), who seeks ways to wreak havoc in your life. You will come to see all of the ways that you have been clothed in God’s love, truth, wisdom and power, so that you can stand firm and be victorious.

If you have ever struggled with knowing who you are, or you desire to find true peace and contentment, or you want to stop making decisions based on feelings and emotions, read this book. The King of kings not only wants you to discover the truth of who you are and why He gave you life but also understand the spiritual warfare surrounding you so you can become all that He created you to be.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Don’t forget to vote. Vote “Yes” for I like it and would considering purchasing and reading the book based on the text. “No” it didn’t inspire me–try again.  

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