Seeds to Care By
Caregiving Encouragement

Caregiving Encouragement-Love Never Fails

Are you caring for a loved one? Are you at your wits end? Do you need encouragement to not give up?   I once heard the saying “all good stories begin and end in the heart of a man.”[i] I suppose there is much truth to that statement, but perhaps some of the best stories […]

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Look at the joy on his face! Just 4 hours from seeing Jesus face to face!

Everyday Ordained

Last Sunday began like any other Sunday, off to church early and a visit with Keith’s dad. Little did we know just how special that day would turn out to be in our hearts. We gave Keith’s dad a new Bible, which was a New Living Translation for easier understanding and larger print. At some […]

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Look Out!

One evening as my husband and I were going out to dinner with my father-in-law I truly had to bite my lip from laughing. As we were driving down the street my husband was having a confusing conversation with his Dad. I always want to remember what he was saying so that I can share […]

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Lobster Pot or Smelting Pot?

Many of my favorite childhood memories were captured across the street from where I grew up. One such memory took place on a lazy day with the smell of the sea air on the soft summer breeze. I remember watching in amazement as my friend’s dad placed the largest pot I had ever seen upon […]

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