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One evening as my husband and I were going out to dinner with my father-in-law I truly had to bite my lip from laughing. As we were driving down the street my husband was having a confusing conversation with his Dad. I always want to remember what he was saying so that I can share it with you, but many times what he has to say makes absolutely no sense which makes it impossible to remember even a moment later exactly what he said. And thus it was one of those moments. But as my husband was questioning his Dad to try to figure out in what direction his mind was going, He shouts out from the back seat much like a little kid, “Watch out—on the right! There’s a car! Look ooouut!!!!”

I almost jumped out of my seat as I wanted to swerve our car to the left but held it in place as I observed the traffic more carefully. The run-away car that was about to hit us from his perspective was stopped and simply waiting for me to pass so it could pull out of a parking lot. Yet, his shouts made it sound as if it was driving 50 miles and about to t-bone us.

Since we know how difficult his struggle with dementia is we never want to laugh out loud at his antics. We wouldn’t ever want him to think we were laughing at him. Yet, to us, these moments are precious and come at just the right moment to cheer our hearts in the midst of dementia. So usually my husband and I just smile at each other with our eyes. Yet this day, I had to turn my head and bite my lip. I knew if I looked at my husband we would both be laughing hysterically and sadly his Dad wouldn’t understand.

First Chronicles 29:22 says:

They ate and drank with great joy in the presence of the Lord that day.

Just as the Israelites ate and drank with great joy in the presence of the Lord, we too can find joy in the midst of dementia and enjoy our time that the Lord has given us with our loved one. Are you looking for those precious little moments that you can cherish in the years to come? Is there a precious moment in caring for your loved one that you would like to share with others? I’m looking forward to you comments and stories.

Lord, thank You for these precious moments in the midst of dementia that cheer my heart and help me to go on. So many days I want to give up. So many times I want to quit. Yet, I know how deeply You love my father-in-law. And I know that Your heart breaks because of the sin which lead to this fallen world where disease wreaks havoc. So I thank You for these precious moments that help me to go on so that I can be a light to him. Lord, give him understanding to come to know You. Can it be soon—please? Until then, help me to treasure the precious moments and fill me with Your joy. Amen.


Adapted from a book I am currently working on which will be a daily devotional of encouragement for caregivers. Put in your vote. Would you like to see a book like this in print?


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