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Episode 2.5
Guilt & Shame
Manifestation of a Deep-Heart-Hurt

Episode 2.5–Guilt and Shame

Manifestations of a Deep-Heart-Hurt Do you know someone struggling with guilt or shame? Do you want to help that person be set free? In this podcast, we talk about the manifestations of unhealed guilt and shame in a person’s life. And more importantly, how we (as biblical disciplers) can help the person heal over these […]

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Look at the joy on his face! Just 4 hours from seeing Jesus face to face!

Everyday Ordained

Last Sunday began like any other Sunday, off to church early and a visit with Keith’s dad. Little did we know just how special that day would turn out to be in our hearts. We gave Keith’s dad a new Bible, which was a New Living Translation for easier understanding and larger print. At some […]

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